Staging a home to put on the market can be difficult. Knowing what to include and what to leave behind, as far as decorations go, is definitely one of the most challenging items.

One of our go-to items for home staging is large pieces of artwork. With a large piece of artwork, you can command the attention of the room and set a tone for the feeling within the space. It’s also much easier to place one big painting instead of many smaller ones that will only leave behind holes in the wall. We have compiled a few tips to ensuring that the large piece of artwork you chose fits the room perfectly.

1. When choosing the right artwork for staging a home, the piece should compliment the style of the house. If you’re in a modern loft, choosing traditional pieces just won’t work. For condos, apartments, and homes that don’t have a particular style, it is best to stick to abstract paintings, like landscapes and trees.

2. If you’re aiming to create a visual impact on potential buyers, you should repeat the colors already featured within the room. Hanging the well-matched artwork near furniture will also guide the eye around the room, starting with the most relevant items.

3. While it is a great idea to choose larger art to hang on the wall, don’t forget to choose a piece that is proportionate to the furniture and other pieces within the room. The most popular places to hang enormous pieces is above a couch or bed, or beside a dining table. This will force the eye upward towards the piece.

Do you have a favorite home-staging item? Let us know!