With every spring comes a new sense of possibility, life, renewal, and change. The trees begin to gain new leaves, flowers begin to bloom, and hibernating and migrating creatures flock back to the area once more.

Springtime also means that college students throughout the nation are preparing for graduation. Graduating from college is a huge accomplishment in one’s life and can be a time of great excitement in getting out into the real world and of mounting stress in finding a job or a home. It’s a time to branch out, find your own little place in the world, and begin your life… but it’s a little hard to do that with next to no money. Even if you find your own place to live, you still have to find furniture to help make it comfortable and homey, and that can be very expensive.

So what’s a college grad to do?

Don’t worry – Empire Rental Furniture has you covered! Instead of buying all of your furniture at once for a place you might not even stay in for very long, rent quality furniture for an affordable price from Empire Furniture Rental!

When you choose to rent your furniture with us, you can be assured that not only will you be totally satisfied, you will also be enjoying beautiful furniture at a much more affordable price! We have different furniture packages that you can choose from to suit your needs, ranging from our student package starting at only $129 per month* to our gold package. Each package features furniture styles that are not only functional but also sleek and stylish.

“So how do I rent these amazing pieces of furniture?” you ask. It’s simple! Just select the package that best suits your needs or call us to work together to customize the perfect furniture package just for you! Your furniture will be delivered to your residence in 48 hours!

Aside from amazing furniture, we also provide housewares! Our housewares package will help complete your home with items for your kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms including towels, sheets and linens, pillows, hangers, cooking items and utensils, and so much more, all for an affordable price!

To hear it from one of our clients first-hand, check out this short video testimonial from the St. Louis-based wife of a pro baseball player.

Remember, the minimum rental time for furniture and housewares is 90 days. You can request more information here. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we assure you that you will be completely satisfied with our services and our furniture!